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All our products are 100% custom made. Therefor, the delivery times might be a bit longer than expected with shopping an online store. In the steps described below, you will find the our manufacturing and shipping proces. That way we hope to give you a bit more insight in what the proces is and how long you have to wait on your unique FaceShort. 

Day 1: Thank you for shopping at FaceShorts. 

Day 2: We check if the photo is compatible, of good quality and if i fits on the product. If not, we will get in contact. As soon as the product is acknowledged, we send it to our designers. 

Day 3: Once received at the design department, they will cut your face out of the photo, add transparancy and enhance the image where needed. This will cost about 2-3 days, since this is quality work what has to be done right the first time around! We want your photo to end up on the FaceShort as good as possible. 

Day 6: The photo is finished designing. Now it has to go to the printer. As soon as the photo is on the server of the printfacility, they will prepare the photo, together with all the other recent orders. When this is done, your photo will be printed on your bought item. This takes approximately 2 days. 

Day 8: Your FaceShort is done, your face is on the item. One more thing needs to be done before the item is allowed to leave the printer. The quality check! We find this very important and we do it with every print we make. All is done in good order? Are the colours correct? Is the photo visible like it should? When all is well, it will be sent to fullfilment. 

Day 10: The printer has given the OK and shipped the item to us. Now we can connect the item to... you guessed it... your adress! This takes 1 to 2 days. 

Day 12: Your order is underway. The average shipping time is 5-8 days. 

Day 20: Ring Ring, knock knock or whatever makes you come to your door... Hooray! Your FaceShorts order is in! Will you let us know what you think of your order?