Allright, after the so manieth birthday without the inspiration for a gift, the 4th year in a row without an origional gift for Christmas, and when i wanted to surprise the girl with a present i had no idea... 

We started the search for a unique gift, a memorable gift that would fit almost every occasion. 

FaceShorts was born. How cool would it be to give apparel with your face on it!

Quickly, it seemed many people had the same "giftproblems"as we had and in the first 2 months of FaceShorts, we helped more than 20.000 people with the ideal gift. 

One gave it as a Christmas present, the other with Sinterklaas and someone else just gave it to surprise the partner as a token of appreciation. 

FaceShorts is growing. Founded in The Netherlands and gaining traction in the whole of Europe.

So where does it stop? We think never. As long as our vision is ever expanding we stay hard at work to deliver you that one unique gift, time and time again. 

Our team of designers, marketeers, product developers and customer service heroes are ready for you to deliver that top notch FaceShorts experience, all day, everyday!